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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A message to the proponents of teaching Intelligent Design as an alternative to Evolution

/Gratuitous Rant:

I don't care if your religion uses scientific terminology to preach its creed; it's still your religion, and shouldn't be taught in public schools as an equally probable alternative to evolution. The fact that the theory is controversial and encourages students to question traditon, which is admittedly a good thing, does not make up for the lack of substantial evidence. Teach it in Philosophy 101 in college, fine, whatever. College students are mature enough to objectively consider all kinds of strange concepts. But don't confuse high school students even more than they already are by introducing advanced concepts like parallel universes into high school biology classes. (i.e., "A wristwatch is too complex to be made by nature, there must have been a watchmaker; the watchmaker himself, being more complicated than the watch, must therefore also have been designed by a Maker. So who made the Maker?) So you are amazed and your mind boggles at the complexity of the universe, hmmm? That doesn't mean you should publish your amazement as evidence that "God and/or Aliens" must have been responible.

/End Rant